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BD’s unofficial mascot for Bern «Bärni Bär» is taking shape for a chocolate production. Images from the protoype 3D printer just came in.

Read a previous post about the «Bärni Bär» products.

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Brinkmanship CD Release Party

Brinkmanship is releasing its new CD this Sunday April 10th in the Progr Kulturzentrum Bern. Read more about the event in the Berner Kulturagenda.

If you want to know more about Brinkmanship it might be worth to read some lines about the term Brinkmanship in Wikipedia. Brinkmanship has been taking musical risks within the last 15 years in the electronic jazz genre.

The release Party will be supported by BD VJ Artwork featuring some real 3D experiences with Anaglyph Animations. 3D Glasses will be available @ the event. (all gfx&animation © bd:2011).

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Westside peresent card
Design of gift voucher for the westside shopping mall designed by Daniel Liebeskind in the west of Bern. You can get the voucher at every official swiss post office.

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BD Fontaine & BD Typotown used as tools for making illustrations for an article in German based Page Magazine. The article refers to “Virtual Typography” – a book by Matthias Hillner who is working on the attraction of virtual and animated typography in new media types (virtualtypography.com).

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Too many Logos animation for the “Canal Poste” Network. Watch it here.

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Mobilé Animation of the BD Musicoptical Collection. For Exhibition purpose.