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Start train your memory banks with the «BD Icon-Match» Html5, retina edition for browsers and mobile devices.

BD Icon-Match also exists in black & white on thermal paper for Berg’s web-connected Little Printer. Thanks for the nifty code goes to friend and client Thomas Weibel.

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«Little Printer» by Berg is a delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home. Use your smartphone to send messages and photos and subscribe to over 150 free publications. Little Printer will then print them at the push of a button.

We created a «BD Icon Match» memory game featuring some of Büro Destruct’s most iconic designs. In case you are a happy owner of the Little Printer, subscribe to the BD Icon Match publication on Berg Cloud. Collect all the 32 icon pairs, delivered and printed on weekdays. Glue it on cardboard. Cut the tiles out and start train your brain.

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Auch wenn der Sommer noch immer in aller Ferne scheint und die Aare noch bitterkalt ist – Unsere BD «mAARE» Aare Temperatur iPhone App ist mit dem gerade im App Store erhältlichen 1.3 Update noch schneller, genauer und spassiger. Gratis! Sommer komm bald!

Wer die mAARE App und deren Macher einen Sommer lang supporten möchte, kann neu sein Logo in den Credits anzeigen lassen. Interessierte melden sich bitte per E-mail: maare@burodestruct.net

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Character-Design for «Docalizr» an informative iPhone App about sexually transmitted diseases published by the «Sexuelle Gesundheit Schweiz».

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CALCOPAC for iPhone 5

Our CALCOPAC calculator now looks, sounds and calculates better than ever on the iPhone 5. BEEP! Here’s a good review on Creative Applications Network.

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Game Culture Next Level Symposium identity

Identity and design of the Pro Helvetia’s Symposium pamphlet «Next Level» at the EPFL, Forum Rolex, Lausanne. With this event the programme «GameCulture» closes and is looking into the future of game publishing in Switzerland.

Featuring following lectures by: Marc Bodmer, Peter Fankhauser (Swiss Presence, Christopher Bergstresser (Miniclip SA), Prof. Dr. Mark Pauly (EPFL), Dr. Richard Wilson (TIGA) and Guillaume Fondaumière (Quantic Dreams, European Games Developer Federation).

Friday 30th of November 2012, 1:30 – 7 PM at EPFL – Forum Rolex, Lausanne. The event is free.

GameCulture Next Level brochure

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BD mAARE iPhone app
Small City – Big Pleasure – for free
The «mAARE» iPhone app measures the water temperature of Bern city’s river Aare fast and accurate. People love to swim in this clean river – so do we – and obviously the BBC too (see BBC close-up video).

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