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Büro Discount invites to the exhibition «SCD – Swiss Character Design 2».
Next to artworks within the topic Character Design this exhibition presents designer toys and plushes made in Switzerland.

Vernissage: Friday 7th of February 2014, from 7:30 PM.
Exhibition: 8th of February – 9th of March 2014. Büro Discount, Zurlindenstrasse 226, 8003 Zurich, Switzerland. Visit the SCD facebook event site.

Designer Toys and Plushes by:
Anca Puch, Atelier Volvox (Outsiders), Cho Linska, Claudia Blum, Darla Freeze, Eulen Heulen, Fabien Piccand (Zee), Gagalari, Happypets, Joël Girou, Kika (Aquapods), Leto, Lionel Wyss (Wao Toyz), Malik, Marco Scheidegger (Buttoneye), Natalia Gianinazzi (Grüsli), Pepe (Smallstuff), Rafael, Sarah Gasser, Traraa, Stoffteich and Büro Destruct (Stifles).

Artworks by:
Alex Schauwecker, Brainfart, Elen Rolih, Elf, François Chalet, Frederik Linke (Weehsel), Mickry 3, Nicole Justitz (Dudos), Oibel One, Ona Sadkowsky, Pedä Siegrist, Sarah Haug, Stvan, Syl Hillier (Goldraken), Taina, Lopetz (BD) and Hgb Fideljus (BD).

And by the way! 20 Yeah’rs Büro Destruct anniversary offer:
Use discount code STIFLESS20 to get 20% off the BD-Stifles Series 1 until the 20th of February 2014 at the Büro Discount-onlineshop.

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House The House created a video from our «Small City Big Design» lecture in BanDung, Indonesia last November 2013. We spent a wonderful time and would like to thank all partners, organisers and meanwhile friends over there. We’ll be back!

Our Roadies from the «English Rose» room «Eddi Brokoli» (right), «Ardo» (middle) and Unkl347‘s Anli (left).

Silkprinted statement of friendship and future collaborations between BanDung and Bern.

Left to right: Anli, Lopetz, Lucas and BD book, Fideljus, Dendy, Ipin & Cworkshope.

More about the BD BanDung activities here:
Morrie and Oslo, Unkl347 instant, Desain Grafis Indonesia, House The House I, House The House II

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Our friend and Bar-man «Housi» from the Foyer International Dampfzentrale Bern is on the move for new adventures. Let’s celebrate in memories of all the good parties & events we shared with him in that great location. Good luck H!

Featuring: Markus Kienzl live (Sofa Surfers Vienna), Marco Repetto live, Dj Alex (Inflagranti), Dj Diferenz (Dubquest), Dj Mastra, Visuals by Büro Destruct.
Dampfzentrale Bern, 28th December 2013 from 9PM.

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We are pleased to announce that this November unkl347, Norrm, HTH Studio and Maja House from Bandung Indonesia present «Büro Destruct in Bandung».

The following events will be held at different venues and times:

Small City – Big Design Lecture
«Character, Typography, Originality and Heritage».
22nd November 2013, Maja House, Jl. Sersan Bajuri Nº. 72 Bandung
14.00 – 17.00.
Guest Speakers: Danny Wicaksono, Ismail Reza, & Herry «Ucok» Sutresna.

Büro Destruct Exhibition
«Showcasing work from 1994 – 2013 and exclusive, limited BD products».
23rd November 2013, Unkl347 Flagship Store, Jl. Trunojoyo Nº. 4 Bandung.
16.00 – 19.00.

Logotype & Logogram Workshop
«Re-Constructing Unkl347 Logo».
25th November 2013, Closed Event, Invitation Only.
13.00 – 17.00.

Büro Discotec
«Club-night with BD VJ’s and local finest selected Dj’s»
23rd November 2013, Sugar & Cream, Jl. Sersan Bajuri Nº. 72 Bandung.
22.00 – 02.00.

Detailed information & ticketing: +6281320115772 or contact@housethehouse.com

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Büro Discount invites to the exhibition «Collateral» by Hgb Fideljus.

It’s his first single exhibition since 1998 and shows new artworks from 2008 – 2013. Parental advisory: It’s an art show about bad feelings, pornography, violence and destruction, strongly influenced by the urban street arts, typography and media art. Always following the slogan: Just don’t do it!

Vernissage: Friday the 1st of November 2013, from 7 PM. Exhibition dates: 2nd of November – 1st of December 2013. Büro Discount, Zurlindenstrasse 226, 8003 Zurich, Switzerland.

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Club-night invitation design in shape of a cassette sleeve for «Stride» meets «The Trilogy Tapes» 17th October 2013, 10 PM at Rössli Bar, Reitschule, Bern featuring Will Bankhead (The Trilogy Tapes), Anthony Naples (Mister Saturday Night, The Trilogy Tapes), Madteo (Hinge Finger, Workshop, Morphine, Sähkö, Wania), Sassy J (Stride, Patchwork), Kev the Head (Stride).

Cassette sleeve PDF download