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Auawirleben 2011 Theater Festival Poster

Poster, web and info-booklet design for the Contemporary Theater Festival «Auawirleben» 2011 in Bern, Switzerland.

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Mary Supins flying soup service

Business card illustration for Miss “Mary Supins” serving Thursdays a very delicious soup for lunch at Büro Destruct.

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Kitchener Lagerverkauf

Flyer and poster design for Bern’s famous concept store “Kitchener” & “Kitchener Plus”. Up to 70% discount on their products. Lagerverkauf-Sale at Kitchener, Aarbergerhof 40, 3011 Bern, Saturday 13th of November 2010.

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Gymnastics Landscape wallpaper for Domestic

«Gymnastics» and «Vision» Landscapes – the panoramic wallpapers (372 x 300 cm) for «Domestic» are now available. Check also the BD Walldrawing sticker sets and the Beard Narcisse Mirror.

Vision Landscape wallpaper for Domestic

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Granimator Packshot
Granimator™ by ustwo™ is a creative sound based wallpaper creator. A free-form, immersive touch and sound experience that allows you to become the artist and create the best wallpapers for your iPad or iPhone.

Buro Destruct created a premium design pack for Granimator™ and it just got available within the free Granimator™ app. Get a constructivist with Buro Destruct and create designs like the following…

BD Granimator screens

…More wallpapers made with the BD Contructivist artist pack on BD Flickr and on BD website.

Other available Granimator™artist packs are from Airside, Pete Fowler, Moving Brands®, Rexbox, James Joyce, John Burgerman… Many additional design packs will follow with regular Granimator™ app updates.

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Ausschreibungen Projektbeiträge 2010

Poster & Flyer Design für «Ausschreibungen 2010» für Design & Gestaltung, Vermarktung/Vermittlung, Gesuche/Beiträge. Bewerbungsschluss: 16. August 2010.
Mehr Info’s auf der Website der Bernischen Stiftung für angewandte Kunst und Gestaltung.

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Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

Collection of vintage plastic bags from shops in Bern city added to BD flickr. Some of the shops closed or changed their logotype, mostly to something ugly…