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“BDD • Büro Destruct Designer” free Desktop Air Application, free Screensaver
and iPhone App available on the App Store.

Shake your iPhone to create a virtually infinite number of beautiful designs.
(See examples on BD Flickr).

Using circles, squares and a set of rules, Büro Destruct Designer lets you find inspiration for color combinations and graphic shapes. Choose either full random colors or apply harmony rules to your color palettes. You can modify your compositions with gestures and the various tools from the menu. The results can be saved and shared by e-mail including the color palette.

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Logo & Website creation for the “Musicians for Human Rights” network.

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Banana boxes packed with old vinyl singles at flea markets are an inspiration source for type and logo design. The collection “fonts from the flea market” is constantly extended via Twitpic posts on BD Twitter and put together for an overview in one Flickr set.

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Swiss fashion brand «Belowzero» logotype redesign along with corporate identity/design manual.

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Logotype, web and stationary redesign for «archipool» the swiss search engine for architecture related articles in magazines and books.

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Redesign of Terra Vecchia Identity. Terra Vecchia is a swiss foundation with the aim to reintegrate drug addicted people into daily life.

Annually postcard design for Terra Vecchia foundation donators.