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Edding 850 font

«An edding can write on anything.»
Thanks to the new Büro Destruct font «edding 850» it even keeps that promise on your computer. End of story? Quite the opposite, actually: Together with Hamburg based ad agency «kempertrautmann» & «shift» this idea is the core of a new campaign «Type-For-Type.com» for the german brand «edding» – famous for their permanent markers.

Our design/development of the font was portrayed by director Kai Sehr that paid us a visit with his crew in Bern 2011. Kai Sehr is well known for his music videos (from Bad Religion to Backstreet Boys…) and commercials. With his documentary «Skateistan» he got highly awarded at film festivals around the globe.


Making Of «edding 850» font at Büro Destruct, Bern Switzerland.


Type-for-type describes the deal: You contribute something to the collaborative realtime text-editor. Once you’re done, the «edding 850» opentype font is available for download. It comes together with a PDF-magazine that features the most liked designs from the project gallery, basically the blog side of the site, where everybody can upload anything using the font. Sounds complicated? It isn’t. Have a look: BD edding Elk is already part of it.


BD Edding Elk

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Balduin: Change single artwork

Digital release artwork for Balduin’s new single «Change» available now on iTunes.


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Learning From Tokyo Logotype

Logotype design for the «Learning from Tokyo» symposium and exhibition in Zurich – organized by the «Learning from Tokyo»-Group in cooperation with Architekturforum Zürich – that showcases small scale housing projects by young, creative architecture offices in Japan.

The symposium will feature some of the protagonists of this new generation of architects and aims to establish a dialogue with Swiss architects, planners, city officials and the interested public. The topic contrasts two very different cities and cultures which in many unexpected ways still have a lot in common.

Program Symposium: Day 1, Friday 09. 03. 2012, 2 PM
Program Symposium: Day 2, Saturday 10. 03. 2012, 2 PM

Learning From Tokyo

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BD Calcopac iPhone app

BD Calcopac iPhone app available now on the App Store.

Play your results as a little melody. CALCOPAC is a «BEEP» more than a simple calculator for your iPhone & iPod Touch. It’s a tribute to the legendary 8-Bit Videopac Game Computers released between 1978 and 1983. CALCOPAC provides a stylish retro calculator with 2 skins and 24 8-Bit sound effects.

- Full operational calculator, 2 skins / 24 sound effects, Play result melody, Sound on/off / DEL key, Copy/Paste, Shake Ghost.

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New Font «BD HitBit» released on Typedifferent.com. Preview wallpapers: One Two Three.

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Logotype, web and stationary redesign for «archipool» the swiss search engine for architecture related articles in magazines and books.

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Nicole Nicolaus will leave us within the next three weeks.
See her on her BD trip to Berlin – already waiting for further instructions.