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Sleeve design for the now available little gem «The Glamour Forest» by Balduin on 7″ vinyl released by the british Sunstone Records.

The limited, 45 vinyl EP contains four tracks of 60′s-tinged-psych-pop with distinct echoes of the Zombies and the Left Banke, while at the same time retaining a very NOW sound – 4 wonderful tracks of hand crafted pop to ease you into spring.

«…best of all “Waves, Stars & Moon” which starts as a simple acoustic guitar / vocal piece of baroque pop, before a graceful and subtly nuanced mellotron string section sweeps in gorgeously, heralding the arrival of something very special indeed». Nathan Ford on the Active Listener

You can buy the EP from Balduin (CH) or Sunstone Records (UK)

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House The House created a video from our «Small City Big Design» lecture in BanDung, Indonesia last November 2013. We spent a wonderful time and would like to thank all partners, organisers and meanwhile friends over there. We’ll be back!

Our Roadies from the «English Rose» room «Eddi Brokoli» (right), «Ardo» (middle) and Unkl347‘s Anli (left).

Silkprinted statement of friendship and future collaborations between BanDung and Bern.

Left to right: Anli, Lopetz, Lucas and BD book, Fideljus, Dendy, Ipin & Cworkshope.

More about the BD BanDung activities here:
Morrie and Oslo, Unkl347 instant, Desain Grafis Indonesia, House The House I, House The House II

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BD «100%Groove» Single. Ceci n’est pas un vidéo-clip. Music written and composed by Sir Balduin.

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Summer 2013 in Bern won’t really kick off (yet) but the folks at Kitchener got wet and took a short clip featuring our just sold out «mAARE» seabag.

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Zur Thematik «Games», aus SRF mySchool vom 20.03.2013, 08:58 Uhr

Multimedial und lehrplanbezogen: Das ist «mySchool», das Bildungsangebot von Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. Auf der Webseite finden Lehrpersonen alle Filme mit massgeschneidertem Unterrichtsmaterial in Form von Zusammenfassungen, Lektionsskizzen und Arbeitsvorschlägen.

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Bookings for 2013 now open.

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On Saturday the 1st of December we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our shop and gallery «Büro Discount» in Zurich. Ondrej took a video of that legendary night featuring 30 artists and the musicians: «Balduin» and «Mani Porno».

Music featured in the video: «Mirror, Mirror» by Balduin and «Zäme ufnä Trip» by Mani Porno.