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Drawings for teaser-animation “Jazznojazz” the 13th Zurich International Festival 26. – 29. October 2011 featuring Richard Galliano «La Strada Quintet», Nils Landgren Quartet, Joy Denalane, Imany, Randy Crawford & Joe Sample Trio, Hiromi New Trio and many others.

Animation by David Escurriola

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Brinkmanship CD Release Party

Brinkmanship is releasing its new CD this Sunday April 10th in the Progr Kulturzentrum Bern. Read more about the event in the Berner Kulturagenda.

If you want to know more about Brinkmanship it might be worth to read some lines about the term Brinkmanship in Wikipedia. Brinkmanship has been taking musical risks within the last 15 years in the electronic jazz genre.

The release Party will be supported by BD VJ Artwork featuring some real 3D experiences with Anaglyph Animations. 3D Glasses will be available @ the event. (all gfx&animation © bd:2011).

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Website design for Bern based Salon de Coiffure «Blond».

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Parts of BD VJ work on BD home

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Too many Logos animation for the “Canal Poste” Network. Watch it here.

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Mobilé Animation of the BD Musicoptical Collection. For Exhibition purpose.

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Bike in Box

Billboard animation wishing the zurich school of fine arts a good start

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