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House The House created a video from our «Small City Big Design» lecture in BanDung, Indonesia last November 2013. We spent a wonderful time and would like to thank all partners, organisers and meanwhile friends over there. We’ll be back!

Our Roadies from the «English Rose» room «Eddi Brokoli» (right), «Ardo» (middle) and Unkl347‘s Anli (left).

Silkprinted statement of friendship and future collaborations between BanDung and Bern.

Left to right: Anli, Lopetz, Lucas and BD book, Fideljus, Dendy, Ipin & Cworkshope.

More about the BD BanDung activities here:
Morrie and Oslo, Unkl347 instant, Desain Grafis Indonesia, House The House I, House The House II

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Our friend and Bar-man «Housi» from the Foyer International Dampfzentrale Bern is on the move for new adventures. Let’s celebrate in memories of all the good parties & events we shared with him in that great location. Good luck H!

Featuring: Markus Kienzl live (Sofa Surfers Vienna), Marco Repetto live, Dj Alex (Inflagranti), Dj Diferenz (Dubquest), Dj Mastra, Visuals by Büro Destruct.
Dampfzentrale Bern, 28th December 2013 from 9PM.

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BD’s unofficial mascot for Bern «Bärni Bär» is taking shape for a chocolate production. Images from the protoype 3D printer just came in.

Read a previous post about the «Bärni Bär» products.

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Club-night invitation design in shape of a cassette sleeve for «Stride» meets «The Trilogy Tapes» 17th October 2013, 10 PM at Rössli Bar, Reitschule, Bern featuring Will Bankhead (The Trilogy Tapes), Anthony Naples (Mister Saturday Night, The Trilogy Tapes), Madteo (Hinge Finger, Workshop, Morphine, Sähkö, Wania), Sassy J (Stride, Patchwork), Kev the Head (Stride).

Cassette sleeve PDF download

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New pattern designs for the legendary Kitchener bags edition summer 2013. Available at the store for free with any purchase from CHF 50.– and up.

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Summer 2013 in Bern won’t really kick off (yet) but the folks at Kitchener got wet and took a short clip featuring our just sold out «mAARE» seabag.

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Just in print! Illustration and design of posters, programme booklet for the upcoming Cultivino «Vinaare 2013». Wine degustation at its best on the «Riviera of Bern»: Thursday 15th & Friday 16th of August 2013 at the Schwellenmätteli Restaurants Bern.