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Featured in the exhibition and catalogue of the «Typo» Brussels 2013 in The House of Image at the Seed Factory.

The exhibition runs until 30. May 2013 and brings together the greatest creators in the world for whom the letter is their credo.

The House of Image at the Seed Factory, 19 Avenue Volunteers – 1160 Brussels. Opening Times: Monday to Friday from 9AM to 6PM, Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

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Kinderfragebuch books

Kinderfragebuch book covers

Lopetz illustrations, typography and design of the «Kinderfragebuch» kids book, written by Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschäppeler, both authors of the «Decision Book» published by Kein & Aber, Zurich Berlin.

Kinderfragebuch book spread

The book contains 333 Questions for kids at the age of 7 to 99 years,
29 entertaining tasks humorously illustrated with typical BD characters.

Hardcover, 13,9 x 18,5 cm, 176 pages, full color, available in german language end of September / early October 2012 with four different cover motives «Astronaut», «DJ», «Matrosin» and «Pippi».

Pre-order now on büro discount.

Kinderfragebuch book spread

Kinderfragebuch Vorsatz

Kinderfragebuch book spread

Preview some pages of the book:

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Loft P - Tracing the Architecture of the Loft Book

Book design of upcoming «Loft P – Tracing the Architecture of the Loft Book» by smog studio, Per-Johan Dahl, Caroline Dahl.

In «Loft P» Per-Johan and Caroline Dahl draw from their research and practice in architecture and urbanism to extract the spatial typology of the loft. Departuring from the synchronized celebration and critique of Modernism, which spurred the emergence of loft architecture in Lower Manhattan during the 1950s and ’60s, the book deploys the design and construction of «Loft P» in Malmo, Sweden, to extrapolate the architectural significance of the loft. The loft became a real estate success in the 1970s that spread beyond New York City, yet, however, often lacking a critical approach to architectural design. By recognizing the historical and theoretical premises of the loft, this book establishes a body of knowledge useful for various fields and practices when engaging the spatial attributes of the loft in contemporary discourse.

Published by Springer Wien New York
80 pages, 20.5 x 22.5 cm, 141 illus. in color. Softcover.
ISBN 978-3-7091-1259-5 Pre-order on Amazon

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ComputerArts Collection Typography

Büro Destruct Typedifferent fonts featured as on of three influential Swiss type foudries in Computer Arts Collection Typography Vol 1 Part 2.

This issue includes interesting stories about Sawdust, Jonathan Barnbrook, Dalton Maag‘s Pure typface for Nokia and many other type related articles.

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Takeaway, 100x100 Sekunden Wissen book

German release of the book «Takeaway» written by the author Thomas Weibel for the Swiss Radio DRS 2 weekly broadcast «100 Seconds of Knowledge» announced for September 2012.

It features 100 explanations of terms like Arial, Nylon, Post-it, Enigma etc. in a very entertaining way, illustrated with 22 Lopetz illustrations, each of them created in exactly 100 seconds. Schwabe Verlag Basel publishes the book and pre-orders can be done directly from the publisher or at Amazon.de.

Takeaway Lopetz Ilustrations

Takeaway Lopetz Illustrations

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büro discount shopping window

«Büro Discount»
– the official Büro Destruct shop & gallery website redesigned just went live – ready for shopping graphic and art related products. Browse up to currently 100 essentials. Much more products to be available soon. Thanks for visiting.


Büro Discount online shop


Finally conveniently available: «BD Stifles series 1 & series 2»

Stifles series 2 blistered


…BD «Smelly» & «RGB» inflatables…

Büro Destruct Smelly inflatable


«BD Sun»  – the limited japanese paper lantern and many other sought after Büro Destruct goodies.

BD Sun japanese paper lantern

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Design For Music Book from The Pepin Press

BD Music artworks and Balduin track «Büro Discotec» in the «Design For Music» – Pictographic Index 2 Book edited and compiled by Hans Lijklema for The Pepin Press.

The book presents a selection of the very best music-related design and illustration being done today: concert posters, album covers, band logos and other work. Included are several interviews with renowned artists – including Rudy VanderLans, Jorge Alderete, Rian Hughes, Invisible Creature and Martin Andersen – about their work and their relationship to music.

The theme is complemented by the inclusion of a free music CD with 12 tracks by artists featured in the book.

Text in English, French, German, Spanish, 320 Pages 17 x 22.5 cm , Softcover with 1 Music CD, ISBN# 978-90-5768-157-8, Agile Rabbit Editions, The Pepin Press.