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Büro Discount invites to the exhibition «SCD – Swiss Character Design 2».
Next to artworks within the topic Character Design this exhibition presents designer toys and plushes made in Switzerland.

Vernissage: Friday 7th of February 2014, from 7:30 PM.
Exhibition: 8th of February – 9th of March 2014. Büro Discount, Zurlindenstrasse 226, 8003 Zurich, Switzerland. Visit the SCD facebook event site.

Designer Toys and Plushes by:
Anca Puch, Atelier Volvox (Outsiders), Cho Linska, Claudia Blum, Darla Freeze, Eulen Heulen, Fabien Piccand (Zee), Gagalari, Happypets, Joël Girou, Kika (Aquapods), Leto, Lionel Wyss (Wao Toyz), Malik, Marco Scheidegger (Buttoneye), Natalia Gianinazzi (Grüsli), Pepe (Smallstuff), Rafael, Sarah Gasser, Traraa, Stoffteich and Büro Destruct (Stifles).

Artworks by:
Alex Schauwecker, Brainfart, Elen Rolih, Elf, François Chalet, Frederik Linke (Weehsel), Mickry 3, Nicole Justitz (Dudos), Oibel One, Ona Sadkowsky, Pedä Siegrist, Sarah Haug, Stvan, Syl Hillier (Goldraken), Taina, Lopetz (BD) and Hgb Fideljus (BD).

And by the way! 20 Yeah’rs Büro Destruct anniversary offer:
Use discount code STIFLESS20 to get 20% off the BD-Stifles Series 1 until the 20th of February 2014 at the Büro Discount-onlineshop.

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Start train your memory banks with the «BD Icon-Match» Html5, retina edition for browsers and mobile devices.

BD Icon-Match also exists in black & white on thermal paper for Berg’s web-connected Little Printer. Thanks for the nifty code goes to friend and client Thomas Weibel.

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«Little Printer» by Berg is a delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home. Use your smartphone to send messages and photos and subscribe to over 150 free publications. Little Printer will then print them at the push of a button.

We created a «BD Icon Match» memory game featuring some of Büro Destruct’s most iconic designs. In case you are a happy owner of the Little Printer, subscribe to the BD Icon Match publication on Berg Cloud. Collect all the 32 icon pairs, delivered and printed on weekdays. Glue it on cardboard. Cut the tiles out and start train your brain.

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«Droppy» character design of a water-drop for the website «Watersaving.com».

Watersaving.com is a non-commercial initiative by the Neoperl Group. The site provides a platform for people everywhere to learn about drinking water and to share their information, images and videos with others around the world.

Client: Jung von Matt/next

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«Wir fahrn, fahrn, fahrn auf der Autobahn…» (Kraftwerk) – The BD Car Perfume collection is now available on Büro Discount. Hang it on the rear view mirror and enjoy your ride with a scent. Smells enchanting and cheerful! It’s also working on the loo and your christmas tree. Made in BanDung.

«Oh Tannenbahn», «Rocket», «mAARE», «Beard», «Anchor», each CHF 7.– (US$ 8.– / € 5.–) shipping worldwide.

Starting December 10th until December 24th for orders over CHF 94.– use discount-code HOLYSALE for your entire order!

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BD’s unofficial mascot for Bern «Bärni Bär» is taking shape for a chocolate production. Images from the protoype 3D printer just came in.

Read a previous post about the «Bärni Bär» products.

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Summer 2013 in Bern won’t really kick off (yet) but the folks at Kitchener got wet and took a short clip featuring our just sold out «mAARE» seabag.