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BD Typedifferent Fonts Sale on MyFonts

XMAS Sale 30% Off on each of the entire Typedifferent fonts selection on MyFonts.com until December 27th 2012!

BD Jupiter $31.50 $45.-, BD Viewmaster $31.50 $45.-, BD Motra $17.50 $25.-, BD Telegraph $24.50 $35.-, BDR A3MiK $31.50 $45.-, BD Kameron $24.50 $35.-, BD Varicolor $31.50 $45.-, BD Mother $31.50 $45.-, BD Retrocentric $24.50 $35.-, BD Emerald $17.50 $25.-, BD Unicorse $17.50 $25.-, BD Radiogram $31.50 $45.-, BD Bermuda $17.50 $25.-, BD HitBit $17.50 $25.-   and the just released BD Schablone $17.50 $25.-.

BD Schablone on MyFonts

Release of two exclusive Typedifferent fonts: «BD Fluke» free font made out of the glyphs used for the titling of the Fluke poster design created back in 1997.


«BD ELK» is an abstract, experimental symbol font with glyphs originally created also 1997. $15 $25.-

BD Elk font

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Olmo Edding shopping display

Bern famous fashion store «OLMO» dedicates the current shop window to the edding font project «Type-for-Type» of Büro Destruct & kempertrautmann. See it in action at Zeughausgasse 20, 3011 Bern.

type-for-type.com QR code

The real edding 850 permanent marker is now available at Büro Discount.

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BD Stonehenge Font

“BD Stonehenge” opentype display font free for the next 3 days (May 2nd – 4th) Grab it!

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BD Circo

Get the new “characteristic” BD Circo free font on Typedifferent.

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Categories: Products, Typedifferent Fonts

BD Radiogram JP versions

Japan based design studio Maniackers Design created
a Hiragana and Katakana version of BD’s Typeface “BD Radiogram“.

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BD Electrobazar 2008

Our classic BD Electrobazar Font originally released in 1995
got an Opentype update with an extended character set
and other minor improvements. Available on Typedifferent.com