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The word “work” is a bad term for what we do. It’s more the passion. We can’t imagine doing anything else than what we do… Read more in the BD interview by Pj Smith of Australians Magazine “Acclaim”.

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Gestalten just announced the release of softcover editions of the visual logo encyclopedias “Los Logos“, “Dos Logos”, “Tres Logos” at an attractive lower price.

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As you know Japan is full of characters. Here is our set with 200 founds in the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto. (2001-2009). Remember Narita Inspected?

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Categories: Print Work, Products, Publications

According to the sales department of Gestalten our BDIII book is sailing sooner to the shops than previously expected. Here are the new release dates:

Continental Europe: mid September, UK / Asia: end of September, US: end of October, Latin America: November

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UPDATE 10.07.09 BDIII book’s twohundredtwentyfour pages overlayed

All good things are three! We are happy to post the 3rd BD book will hit the bookshelfs in October 2009, 10 years after the first one also published by Gestalten. Here’s a little more

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Logo design for the upcoming LosLogos4 Book,
published by “Gestalten“, to be released this September.