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Norrm Logotype Remix by Büro Destruct

«Norrm» Logotype-Remix, Mix-Tape and a Q&A feature of BD on the website of Indonesians multi-disciplinary collective «Normal-Form». A simple retweet of a product Norrm featured on their webstore became a fruitful and friendly collaboration for upcoming activities and collaborations between Bandung and Bern.

Read the Q&A and find out what went into the slogan «Small City, Big Design».

Download the «Norrm» logo-remix wallpapers includes 1440 x 900, 1680 x 1050, 1920 x 1200 resolutions plus iDevices.

Enjoy the «Ape-Rill» Mix-Tape the Büro Destruct playlist, served in two-parts. An upper, and a downer!

Büro Destruct Mix-Tape «The Ape-Rill» cover

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Zur Thematik «Games», aus SRF mySchool vom 20.03.2013, 08:58 Uhr

Multimedial und lehrplanbezogen: Das ist «mySchool», das Bildungsangebot von Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. Auf der Webseite finden Lehrpersonen alle Filme mit massgeschneidertem Unterrichtsmaterial in Form von Zusammenfassungen, Lektionsskizzen und Arbeitsvorschlägen.

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BD Fonts on HypeForType

The first selection of BD typedifferent opentype fonts are now available on “HypeForType” a platform for keen eyed creatives to find and buy truly unique, hand-crafted fonts.

An interview is introducing the launch of following Büro Destruct typefaces: BDR A3MiK, BD Emerald, BD Kameron, BD Unicorse, BD Jupiter, BD Mother, BD HitBit, BD Motra, BD Retrocentric and BD Varicolor.

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Categories: Apps, Features, Links, Products, Screen Work

Theoryhaus BD feature

Graphic Designer and Illustrator Heath Killen just launched the site “Theoryhaus” which presents an ongoing series of conversations and stories about creative projects and cultural producers.

The first issue features an extended conversation about our BD Apps, a talk with music industry design legend “Steve Byram” and fashion boutique online retailer “We’re”.

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BD feature in IdN Extra 04, Most Wanted Vol. 1
As part of IdN’s 100th Issue celebrations, «IdN Extra 04: Most Wanted Vol. 1» presents nearly 100 of the most talented creators in today’s design world! Select and hand picked by 10 of today’s most influential designers, who in turn were each asked to name 10 artists in any design filed whose work particularly impressed them. The result is a unique cross section of the contemporary design world, as represented by some of the most interesting artists and designers in the modern day design industry. This is certainly a book to keep and look back on – to see where design was at at the end of the 21st century first decade.

Some of the BD work in the book is posted on IdN’s Creators feature.

IdN Extra 04 Most Wanted Vol. 1 cover

«IdN Extra 04: Most Wanted Vol. 1» features work of: Rafaël Rozendaal / Luke Rudolf / François-Xavier Courreges / Andrea Rosso / John Maeda / Topos Graphics / A nice idea every day / Tina Berning / Daniel Eatock / Nila Aye / Andy Howell / Storm Tharp / Ian Stevenson / Denis Darzacq / Johan Björkegren / Büro Destruct / Jon Klassen / Stanley Wong / Niessen & De Vries / Jesse Auersalo / Thirst / Peekasso / Feixen / Nao Tamura / Tim Hunkin / Scott Barry / Kjetil Wold / Anti / Carmen Garcia Huerta / Raphaël Garnier / Mathieu Laroussinie / Mimi Leung / Ji Lee / Jordi Labanda / Mono. Kultur / Sarah Martinon / T-post, Peter Lundgren / Keetra Dean Dixon / Jean-Yves Lemoigne / Jeremy Geddes / Richard Gray / Antoine+Manuel / Big Active / eBoy / Jason Brooks / Jeremyville / John C. Jay / Non-format / Stanley Donwood / Stefan Sagmeister / The Rainbowmonkey.

ISBN: 978-988-18470-5-8, Size: 210mm x 270mm, Pages: 168 pages.
Avialable on the IdN Proshop

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LoveLiza, DBXL and Underware from Typeradio.org paid us a visit at BD office Bern and recorded this interview on the 16th of October 2009. Now we’re talking….