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Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon at Buro Discount

Büro Discount
invites to the new exhibition «I Think I Wish You» by artists, Anxieteam band mates and New York neighbours Jim Avignon (GER) & Jon Burgerman (UK).

Jon Burgerman & Jim Avignon at Buro Discount

I Think I Miss You is about missing something and not wanting to admit it, or not acknowledging the absence before it is too late. Adrift with a very modern ennui, a sense of loss can offer comfort in it’s familiarity and utter inevitability. The work is rooted in pop and pulp. Contemporary character design and bold, colourful graphics are fused with a DIY fine art aesthetic to form an unique world. On the surface the colours and characters belie a charmed harmonious existence. Rooted within the skewed works are playful surreal kinks, laconic wit and a revealing truth.

Vernissage with the artists on site: Thursday 22th of September 2011, from 6PM.
Finissage: Saturday 29th of October 2011, from 6PM.
Büro Discount, Zurlindenstrasse 226, 8003 Zurich, Switzerland.