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Kitchener Gran Mercado flyer

Great chance to shop a handpicked selection of Büro Destruct “Out Of Print” posters, rare gadgets and Bärni Bär kids accessoires: Bern famous fashion concept store «Kitchener» invites to the «Gran Mercado» featuring shops by:

«Anita Moser» (Shoes), «Atelier CHP» (Objects), «Becksöndergaard» (Collection Sale), «Bedovelo» (Custom Bicycles), «Bottoni Porzellan» (Porcelain), Büro Destruct (Posters & Gadgets) & «Bärni Bär» (Kids Accessoires), «Daucher» (Stationery), «Gabor Herczeg» (Custom Bicycles), «Gelateria di Berna» (Ice Cream), «Hausgarten», «Hiob Brockenstube Breitenrain» (Second Hand), «il était une fois…» (Backpacks), «Le Boudoir Sandra Lemp» (Lingerie), «Schnouse à discrétion» (Sweets), «The holy goat» (Goat Cheese), «Kitchener» (Bicycles Accessoires)…

Saturday 9th of June from 10AM – 5PM at Kitchener, Aarbergerhof, Bern.

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"Eye See U" Stifles Custom-kun

Graffiti Artist “Medya Colorz” from Asphalt Kreatorz Shop in Fribourg sent us a photo of their customized “Stifles Custom-kun” called “Eye See U”. What an eye catcher.

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Categories: Buro Discount, Characters, Products

The Stifles (designed by Büro Destruct) are little creatures who spend all of their time kneeling and watching human activities. Their favourite spots are public spaces like coffee bars, windows and shop displays. The almost sold out 8 different Stifles characters from series 1 packed in blind boxes have got a follow up with 8 new characters, this time packed in blister.
Stifles series 2 characters

A first batch of the BD Stifles series 2 vinyl characters has been made available on IdN’s Pro Shop. They will be also soon available at Kitchener Bern and Büro Discount Zurich.

Stifles 2 characters

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Maiko-San mouse

Design for Pat Says Now computer mice: «Stifles Maiko-san Mouse» and «Pattern Mouse» available now.

Maiko-San mouse and Pattern mouse

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Stifles Series 2

Stifles Series 2 just got blistered. Arriving soon in stock!

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New pictures of the Stifles series 2 arrived from the plant in Hong Kong. Prototype paint of «Maiko-san», «Mail-kun» and «Viking-kun» .