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20% Sale on all orders in our BD T-Shirt Shop from 8th – 14th January 2014.
Use Voucher code: NU20NOW

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Four new BD T-Shirts added to the Büro Destruct T-Shirt Shop: Top left to bottom right: «Tropfi», «Pedaleur», «Aare Pirat» and «Aare Union». All T-Shirt orders in the €uro Shop are 20% Off until 4th of September 2013! No minimum orders.

Use coupon code: SPARSTAR20

Btw: We changed all prints from flex and flock to the new digital direct print which comes very very close to the silk-print quality. Changes in the U$ Shop will follow.

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Save €10.– on BD-T-Shirt orders above €50.–
Use coupon code MINUSZEHN
Valid until 6th of August 2013.

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BD T-shirts

New BD T-Shirt designs now available on the €uro & US$ online shops: «BD mAARE», «BD RAD», «BD Ghost» with a glow in the dark print, and the «BD Penguin» now also available as a Kids T-Shirt.

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büro discount shopping window

«Büro Discount»
– the official Büro Destruct shop & gallery website redesigned just went live – ready for shopping graphic and art related products. Browse up to currently 100 essentials. Much more products to be available soon. Thanks for visiting.


Büro Discount online shop


Finally conveniently available: «BD Stifles series 1 & series 2»

Stifles series 2 blistered


…BD «Smelly» & «RGB» inflatables…

Büro Destruct Smelly inflatable


«BD Sun»  – the limited japanese paper lantern and many other sought after Büro Destruct goodies.

BD Sun japanese paper lantern

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From left to right: BD Penguin, BD Eye Logo and BD Elk.

BD Summer Tshirts

Summer’s in the air! You are stowing away all your heavy winter gear and looking for lighter summer outfits? BD helps you with new T-Shirts & free shipping until May 8th 2012. Coupon code: MOTHERSDAY12 applies and is valid until May 8th, 2012.

By the way: From May 15th – 22nd 2012 you get 15% off on all BD Kids T-Shirts! Coupon code will be: LITTLENIPPERS

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BD Big Brother Tshirt

6 new BD T-Shirts: «Big Brother», «Kaleido 1-3»,  «e-Pipe» and the «Mermaid» now available on the Büro Destruct Spreadshirt shops EU/US

BD Kaleido 1-3 Tshirts

BD e-Pipe and Mermaid Tshirt