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BD VintageFoto droplets for Lion

By popular demand we just updated the «BD VintageFoto droplets» to work with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and higher on Mac OS X Lion (native code for Intel processors). Next to the two classics “Green” and “Red” we added a new “Cool” droplet.

Direct download

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BD Calcopac iPhone app

BD Calcopac iPhone app available now on the App Store.

Play your results as a little melody. CALCOPAC is a «BEEP» more than a simple calculator for your iPhone & iPod Touch. It’s a tribute to the legendary 8-Bit Videopac Game Computers released between 1978 and 1983. CALCOPAC provides a stylish retro calculator with 2 skins and 24 8-Bit sound effects.

- Full operational calculator, 2 skins / 24 sound effects, Play result melody, Sound on/off / DEL key, Copy/Paste, Shake Ghost.

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The BD Vintagefoto Droplets are now working with Adobe Photoshop CS3 & CS4.
Get the Red & Green analogue vibes for your Digital Camera Photos here.

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New Font «BD HitBit» released on Typedifferent.com. Preview wallpapers: One Two Three.

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Banana boxes packed with old vinyl singles at flea markets are an inspiration source for type and logo design. The collection “fonts from the flea market” is constantly extended via Twitpic posts on BD Twitter and put together for an overview in one Flickr set.

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Forthcoming BDIII book features photos with the topic of “Recreation“. We’re sharing today our two Photoshop Vintage Foto Droplets used on those pictures.

Requirements: Installed Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4 and CS5 (Fully functional only on CS3!).

Drop JPG files (must be in RGB mode) on the droplet icons and let Photoshop do the job. Please read the “Read me” for further instructions.

Download BD Vintagefoto Droplets for Photoshop