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Sleeve design for the now available little gem «The Glamour Forest» by Balduin on 7″ vinyl released by the british Sunstone Records.

The limited, 45 vinyl EP contains four tracks of 60′s-tinged-psych-pop with distinct echoes of the Zombies and the Left Banke, while at the same time retaining a very NOW sound – 4 wonderful tracks of hand crafted pop to ease you into spring.

«…best of all “Waves, Stars & Moon” which starts as a simple acoustic guitar / vocal piece of baroque pop, before a graceful and subtly nuanced mellotron string section sweeps in gorgeously, heralding the arrival of something very special indeed». Nathan Ford on the Active Listener

You can buy the EP from Balduin (CH) or Sunstone Records (UK)

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Deetron feat. Hercules & Love Affairs - Crave sleeve

Sleeve design using the «BD Edding850» font for the Deetron feat. Hercules & Love Affair «Crave» 12″ vinyl, published by Music Man, Belgium.

Swiss producer Deetron just made it to the Essential Mix Radio BBC1. Congratulations!

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Centraldubs logotype

Logotype design for Centraldubs Vinylcut, Dubplate, AAA, Audio Mastering Studio in Bern.


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Balduin Musical Images For Harpischord Vinyl Single

Sleeve design for Balduin «Musical Images For Harpischord» very limited 7″ Vinyl Single on Everestrecords. Preorder it here. Digital releases on iTunes and Amazon.

This record includes two portraits and three still lifes, musically interpreted, written & composed by Balduin on Harpsichord in 2012. All compositions are written in C major/minor. The tuning of the Harpsichord was set to 415 Hz, instead of the common 440 Hz. Additional information here.

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"Eye See U" Stifles Custom-kun

Graffiti Artist “Medya Colorz” from Asphalt Kreatorz Shop in Fribourg sent us a photo of their customized “Stifles Custom-kun” called “Eye See U”. What an eye catcher.

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Choose Balduin album cover

“Balduin” so to speak court musician of Büro Destruct released his 5th studio album “Choose Balduin” featuring a remastered version of the tracks “Büro Destruct – Small City Big Design” and “Büro Discotec”, originally released 1999 as an orange vinyl 7″ single (Out of stock).

Here’s a album teaser video edited with BD VJ visuals:

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The Stifles (designed by Büro Destruct) are little creatures who spend all of their time kneeling and watching human activities. Their favourite spots are public spaces like coffee bars, windows and shop displays. The almost sold out 8 different Stifles characters from series 1 packed in blind boxes have got a follow up with 8 new characters, this time packed in blister.
Stifles series 2 characters

A first batch of the BD Stifles series 2 vinyl characters has been made available on IdN’s Pro Shop. They will be also soon available at Kitchener Bern and Büro Discount Zurich.

Stifles 2 characters